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So Grateful That I Had Izzo & Associates

I was in a very abusive common law relationship for close to thirty years. We called each other husband and wife and worked hand in hand to build a large business, but he controlled our finances and basically treated me like a slave. I literally was not even allowed to drive. When it finally became too much to bear, I finally decided to file for divorce, but my ex told me that things would change and I backed off. Nothing changed. He even began to hide our assets and say the business was basically worthless. He began to try to turn my young daughter against me and at one point, he actually filed for custody saying that we were not really married and he took the position that I was a bad mother. I am so grateful that I had Izzo & Associates on my side. John and his whole crew took me under their wing… they protected me, comforted me and worked very hard in court. I’m so happy to say that because of John and Meredith I have not lost my daughter, the court did rule that we were indeed married and John even won me a disproportionate share of our assets at our final trial. I am now free and self-sufficient.

-Cathy P.

Izzo & Associates Protected Me

John and Meredith did an awesome job in getting me custody of my two-year-old daughter and my four-year-old son. They really cared about both me and my children. After I first filed for divorce my ex-wife filed for a jury trial trying to scare me. She knew I could not afford such an expense, but because of Izzo & Associates’ wonderful strategy which exposed her games, we were even able to avoid a final hearing and end my case successfully. Now a year or so later she has come back using money from her new wealthy boyfriend to pay for a new attorney to try to take custody back. I immediately rehired Izzo & Associates because I knew that they would stick by me every step of the way.

-Dakota S.

So Wonderful, I Hired Them Twice!

This is definitely my go-to legal help in Round Rock. They helped me set up my will and estate and did a fantastic job. Filing was a breeze. I have also referred other friends to them, and they have helped immensely with their cases.

-Jeff H.

Filing was a Breeze!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about John and his team. He was the second attorney that I hired for my divorce. They made me feel very important and put my mind at ease. I was going through a very uncomfortable nasty divorce. Of course, you feel very vulnerable and scared in these situations. John and Meredith really cared about me and my specific situation with custody of my daughter and my assets! My first attorneys… all they cared about was money, unfortunately, like many other divorce attorneys. I ended up firing them and going with John and his team!!!! I’m so glad that I did.

-Micah J.

Put My Mind at Ease

I wish the box were big enough to explain how grateful I was to find this amazing group of people in the most awful time of my life and marriage. I was honest with them about moments of my life I would love to forget. We were able to build a bond I will cherish for the rest of my life. They work hard and fight for your rights hard. You look up Best Divorce Attorney in Central Texas… you better call them first!!

-Sophia T.

Best Divorce Attorney in Central Texas

John was amazing! He and his staff were there for me at all times during my custody case. He was professional and upfront about everything. I was always aware of what to expect and how long it would take throughout the process. John is a very “tell it as it is” kind of person. He is highly passionate about what he does. I have already recommended him to both my brother and my sister-in-law!

-Catherine M.

Professional & Highly Passionate