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Skilled Child Support Guidance

The Texas Family Code establishes several rights and duties involving children, one of which involves the need for a child support obligation to be established in cases where the parents of minor children are involved in a divorce or a suit affecting the parent-child relationship (“SAPCR”). Along with cash child support, the state of Texas also mandates that custodians cooperate in establishing some form of medical and dental insurance for their children in such cases.

At Izzo & Associates, PLLC, our goal in these cases is to help our clients earn the outcome they deserve based on the facts of their cases. We take the time to understand the unique needs in every case we take before developing a personalized strategy for every one of our clients.

How Child Support And Medical Support Work

Both child support and medical support orders for minor children are generally mandatory in the state of Texas. Child support is calculated statewide using a specific calculation outlined in the Texas Family Code. Factors involved in determining child support include the amount of the payor’s gross monthly income, who will serve as the residential parent of the child and if an actual 50-50 split of time between parents will take place. And who provides medical and dental insurance for the children.

Parties can sometimes agree to deviate from the norm in certain circumstances. Medical support will need to be included in a final order also. You should always have your attorney review the facts of your case and make sample calculations on whether you believe you will potentially be paying or receiving child support.

How Payments Are Calculated

Child support is calculated using guidelines outlined in the Texas Family Code. The court can consider other factors in determining the amount of child support, but it has been our experience that most courts will generally defer to using the guideline calculation. Child support is calculated using a specific formula that our courts and family law attorneys routinely use.

Texas courts generally view child support as something to which the child is entitled. We sometimes hear from folks who wonder whether they can terminate their parental rights to avoid the child support obligation. Absent compelling circumstances, courts generally loathe approving an order whereby one parent does not have to pay support to the other for their child’s benefit.

How We Can Help You

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