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Dahlia Villalobos

Senior Paralegal

Dahlia Villalobos

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Dahlia is most likely the first voice you will hear when you contact our main office. She sees that new clients can speak with an attorney who can answer specific questions and determine how our team may assist them regarding their particular case.

Dahlia also serves as the firm’s bilingual interpreter for Spanish-speaking clients. She is also our primary contact with the district and county clerks we work with, as well as other attorney offices, court coordinators and reporters, mediators, probate auditors, and other professionals such as forensic, therapeutic, investigative, or real estate professionals. Since Dahlia files our pleadings, she also supervises our main computer calendar, ensuring that timetables for discovery, mediation, judges’ conferences, and court hearings are well managed.

Educational Accomplishments

    • Austin Community College, 2006, Administrative Assistant Series
    • Paralegal and office operations and financial seminars

    Licenses and Memberships

    • Our Lady of Guadalupe Church of Taylor, Texas
    • Certified Notary Public